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Missing and Presumed Murdered

Murder charges have been filed against a man in Salem, Oregon, in connection with the case of a missing woman and her three-year-old son.

Nobody’s sure yet if Karissa Freewill, 25, and her toddler son, William (pictured above) are dead or alive. But they have not been seen since May 13. Salem police Lt. Treven Upkes isn’t saying much about the case. He declines to even talk about why 52-year-old Michael John Wolfe, the biological father of William, is considered a suspect.

How can you charge a man with murder when no one is sure if Karissa and William are dead or alive?

Upkes explains police don’t have to have every fact in place when an arrest is made. And, charges can be amended right up to the trial date depending on the prosecutor’s judgment.

So, “based on what we have at this point, we believe that we can charge him with aggravated murder and kidnap,” Upkes says.

The search for William and Karissa continues.

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