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Wild Child Attack! Kids Swinging Golf Clubs Attack Old Man!

In at attack that was something like you'd see in "Children of the Corn," kids armed with lethal golf clubs attacked a 91-year-old man in his home.

The murderous urchins swarmed into his domicile demanding money, threatening to beat the very life out of him if he didn't comply.

Three children, the youngest said to be 12-years of age, broke into his house and surrounded the man in his bed in East Perth, Australia.

He handed over $400. When they demanded more, the poor old guy pleaded with the children to spare his life, telling them he had no more to give.

Believing him, they took the money and made the man watch as they ransacked his house, destroying many of his most-prized possessions.

If there is a happy story to this story, it is this: the man was not seriously injured and police have arrested the three children believed to have staged this horrendous assault.

Police are still looking for a fourth child. He and the other three are believed to have been involved in several late-night, bedroom assaults on innocent elderly people.

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