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Soho Grifter Refuses To Apologize

Anna Sorokin, a Russian immigrant, who conned New York's wealthiest and most powerful into helping her live a life of luxury, tells the NY Times that not only is she not sorry; Anna says she'd do it all over again.

Anna Sorokin pretended to be Anna Delvey, a German heiress, with loads of money in a trust fund. Anna conned her way into the best boutique hotels, free designer clothes, and partied with the wealthiest and most famous people Manhattan had to offer.

She even got a bank to give her a $100,000 loan.

But it's all over. Now, Anna's going to prison for four-to-twelve-years thanks to the verdict of a Manhattan jury.

However, the 28-year-old also told the Times that everything she did was nothing but the mistakes of youth; errors made by a young woman afraid to not be taken seriously.

Anna also said she only wanted the money to fuel her dream of starting a $40 million private club.

“My motive was never money,” she said, dressed in a khaki jail jumpsuit and Céline glasses. “I was power hungry.”

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