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What Was She Thinking? The Shocking True Crime Story That Wasn't

The story of Sol Pais could have ended with one of the most disturbing, bloodiest, shocking true crime stories ever. An 18-year-old woman, Sol drove from Miami to Colorado because of her obsession with the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.

By her side was a pump-action shotgun.

Columbine High and other schools in the area closed today, three days before the anniversary of the tragedy. More than half-a-million kids were kept at home in the Denver-area.

What choice did they have? Sol had made what police called "credible threats" against Columbine High while she drove north. Now Sol was thought to be in the area with that shotgun.

And, she was. They found her this (Wed.) morning, dead, at the base of Mount Evans in Clear County, Colorado. Right now it looks and sounds like a suicide.

The NY Post posted an article this afternoon on Sol's journal. Her last entry might have been written before she killed herself.

Sol wrote, "I can't stop what has begun. When everything is said and done and there is no place left to run, I think I used to be someone, now I just stare into the sun.”

In the journal, she drew pictures of machine guns, fire, and wrote about feeling dead inside and lost in the world.

Sol wrote that she felt like she'd been dead for a long time. Last year, she wrote: "I don't feel at home in this reality."

Revenge Is Best Served Bloody by Rod Kackley

This story is crime fiction. But it's based on the countless stories we've all seen about people who, for God knows why, unleashed their furious anger on fellow human beings.

Read this and think.

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Revenge Is Best Served Bloody by Rod Kackley

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