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Driven To Their Deaths: A Shocking True Crime Story

A California special coroner's jury confirms what police investigating the deaths of two women, and six children had believed for some time; when the SUV the family was in plunged over a 100-foot cliff in March 2018, it was no accident.

The crash that killed the family was a murder-suicide.

The sports utility vehicle went over the cliff in Northern California a few days after Jennifer Hart and her wife, Sarah, learned they were the subject of a child welfare investigation.

Before they moved to California, Jennifer and Sarah were accused of abusing their kids several times in Minnesota. Sarah admitted physically harming one of the kids and was convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault. She explained it at the time as a "spanking that got out of hand."

The Associated Press reported detectives probing the cause of the California crash that claimed all eight lives found Sarah had been on the internet recently doing searches into methods of suicide, the effect of Benadryl, and whether drowning was painful.

The autopsies showed Jennifer Hart has a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.102 percent when she drove the car off the cliff. The legal limit in California is 0.08.

Sarah had taken 42 doses of Benadryl.

And the investigation showed Jennifer intentionally stepped down on the accelerator just as the SUV went off the cliff.

“They both decided that this was going to be the end,” said Jake Slates, a California Highway Patrol investigator, according to The Associated Press. “That if they can’t have their kids that nobody was going to have those kids.”

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