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Cult Killers: Dark Crime Fiction Chapter Five

Suspects were questioned. All of the KISS and Ozzy Osbourne fans in Swingin’ Izzy were brought in and interrogated. Some of the sessions were pretty rough. The idea of a Miranda warning was new and St. Isidore County’s public defense attorneys — both of them — played cards every night with the cops, so whose side do you think they were on, Adam thought to himself.

Look at the lead investigator. Our friend, Lumpy, just a cop then, but he hasn’t changed a bit. Few pounds heavier but no brighter. It’s no wonder he is still thinking these girls were runaways who got caught in some kind of a sex maniac cult.

If there was one place Adam liked more than the library, it was the the Starbucks in downtown Swinging Izzy. Even at $4 bucks a latte, it was the cheapest office in town. Adam wasn’t the only one who figured that out.

It looked like a middle-age study hall. Starbucks was filled with men and women running their businesses from their laptops and iPads. All of them considered themselves to be entrepreneurs, very few of them by choice.

“When you’re in your fifties in St. Izzy and out of work, starting your own businesses is the best alternative. It pretty much is the only alternative,” he said to Marsha behind the counter.

She nodded, smiled and took his money.

“Where’s Janice tonight?”

“Called in sick, I guess. I don’t know.”

Marsha’s patience for one more conversation with one more middle-aged guy who had no one else to talk to had worn more than a little thin. It was pretty much threadbare. And she was totally on her last nerve. Working at Starbucks was okay with Janice by her side. Without her it was a total bore. And if she wasn’t at work, Marsha didn't think there was any chance of getting Janice to spend the night at her place.

Adam, totally fueled up with coffee, fired up his laptop and started searching for articles about the latest girls found swinging dead in Swinging Izzy.

His Google search showed only a few articles written in the local paper. No surprise really. They did what Chief Lumpy told them to do, and WSIR,didn’t do much except read the newspaper over the air before he became the radio station’s news director.

Here’s Lumpy again talking about teenage girls trapped in sex cults, Adam thought. That must have made the parents feel terrible. He didn’t learn a thing in 40 years, did he?

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