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Don't Mess With The Saint, Army of Turtles Ready to Attack!

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You don't read about this kind of shocking true crime story every day. As a matter of fact, you may never have read about this sort of thing. I hadn't.

But, it really happened.

A 61-year old guy, not bad looking, white hair, white beard, pretty normal actually, was creating trouble at businesses like a Starbucks, Surfanista Cafe, and even Sassy Granny's Smoothies along N. Miramar Avenue in beautiful downtown Indialantic, Florida.

Shouting obscenities, you know. Not totally unusual. But wait. This is about to get weird.

Thomas Devaney Lane warned police officers not to mess with him or "you will all be sorry you (expletive) messed with the saint!"

Why would they all be sorry? What did Indialantic have to worry about?


Thomas was ready to release his army of turtles to destroy everything in this town about 75 miles southeast of Orlando.

Police arrested and booked, Thomas.

The turtles did not attack.


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