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Cops Find Human Skull -- Shocking True Crime Case Closed!

(LtoR: Brady Oestrike, Brooke Slocum, Charles Oppenneer)

Shocking True Crime Update: A skull found in northern Kent County, Michigan is that of Charles Oppenneer, one of two people thought to have been murdered by Brady Oestrike in July 2014.

As detailed in one of the most-read books in the Shocking True Crime section of the Crime Stories Bookstore -- She Deserved Better -- Oekstrike kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed Charles' girlfriend, Brooke Slocum.

But first Brady had to get rid of Charles, so he shot him in the head and cut off the shattered skull. Wyoming, Michigan police found Charles' body - sans head -- but this is a new discovery that brings an incredibly grisly murder investigation to its ghastly conclusion.

"It was just a long, unanswered question and more than anything, we're just happy to report to the family this piece of information so that we can have some closure for them," Wyoming Police Captain James Maguffee said.

"This case was especially dark and, frankly, disturbing and saddened all of us that this sort of thing can happen, outside of a fictional setting, for sure," Maguffee added, "and impacted our police officers very deeply."

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