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NYC's Dirty Dozen: Subway Sickos

New York Subway by Eddi Aguirre

One of the worst is James Hunt. The NYPD says this pervert loves to touch himself while sucking his thumb on New York subways.

Sources tell the NY Post the NYPD's busted James 78 times -- 32 of those arrests coming because of transit sex crimes.

But he's not the worst of the "dirty dozen," creeps who "wake up in the morning for one purpose, and that is to commit these crimes," says a high-ranking NYPD official.

Another cop says one of the pervs told him "I think she likes it."

Groupers, grinders, and public masturbators make mass transit terrible for NYC riders every day.

Like James Peterson. This 46-year-old wacko likes to flash fellow subway passengers, especially the women, and grind up against their butts. His rap sheet is 22 arrests long.

Ronald Dudley likes to do that too. But this nut job was busted on Valentine's Day for rubbing up against a child, a nine-year-old girl.

Let's not forget Roger Reid. He's 58 and gets off by forcing his hands down unsuspecting ladies' pants. He's considered to be a Level 3 sex offender.

In other words, even the most bleeding-heart shrink wouldn't give this knucklehead a chance of recovering from his sexual fetishes.

“They’re creeps. They prey on the innocent. They prey on women,” said one NYPD cop.

So why doesn't NY ban these sickos from the subways? They can't.

You see, everything they've done in the past and want to do in the future is only a misdemeanor, not a felony. So they can't be banned from the subways or even tossed into a cell for long enough to encourage them to start living the clean life.

Here's something that will shock you, if what you've read hasn't done enough to jolt you out of complacency already. The Dirty Dozen of the NYC subways scummiest are not crazy guys who spend the rest of the day talking to street lights and stop signs.

"These are family men," a source told the Post. They have wives. They have kids."

And when they get busted, they often say to the arresting officer, "Please don't tell my wife."

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