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Murder! Podcast interview

Murder! 12 Shocking True Crime Stories by Rod Kackley

Just wanted to let you know that a fellow true crime author, Dan Zupansky, invited me to join him on the "True Crime: Most Shocking Killers" podcast to talk about one of my books, "Murder!"

True Murders: Most Shocking Killers Rod Kackley interview

Think you'll enjoy the conversation.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Murder! 12 Shocking True Crime Stories

Homicidal maniacs! Serial killers!

Women who kill their children, husbands and lovers!

And more!

Twelve of my Shocking True Crime Stories that have been published before as ebooks, short stories and articles are now available for the first time in one book.

Murder! Order your copy right now. Just click the icon below and I'll send you a personally autographed paperback for just $9.95!

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