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Kalamazoo's Suitcase Killer! New to the Shocking True Crime Stories Library!

Kalamazoo's Suitcase Killer by Rod Kackley

Jealousy. Rage. Murder. Kidnapping. Psychopaths. Sex Dolls. Criminals. Outlaws. Maniacs. Perverts.

Kalamazoo’s Suitcase Killer is a riveting, shocking true crime story that kicks off a collection of eight, keep-you-awake-reading-all-night tales of murder and mayhem.

Loretta hasn’t seen her daughter in a year. She lives in Louisiana, Aniya lives in Michigan. Even though she spoke to her just a few days ago, her twenty-four-year-old child, the light of her life, has fallen off everyone’s radar.

Loretta calls Aniya’s boyfriend, Donnovan. He’s the only one who isn’t troubled. That doesn’t make Loretta feel any better.

Donnovan might not have sounded concerned on the phone, but he was plenty worried. Frantic. It’s not that he was troubled about why Aniya wasn’t returning anyone’s phone calls or texts.

Donnovan's worried that somebody will discover the suitcase he tossed into a dumpster. Maybe he’d be better off throwing it into a river.

Kalamazoo’s Suitcase Killer is a shocking true crime story of a young woman murdered in the prime of her life, the young man who made the worst decision of his life, and the mother who’ll never see her child again.

From Kalamazoo to Australia to Wisconsin and the Abduction of Jayme Closs; this is more than a true-crime murder book. It’s packed with stories that will amaze and captivate you including one that looks at the connection between psychopaths and sex dolls. Are robot brothels going to be the next breeding ground for psycho killers and rapists? Speaking of which; you’ll learn the story of a maniac pervert Australia calls “Mr. Stinky.”

Moreover, what about the man who claimed to have a good reason for murder? Crazy! He blames the victim! That story’s here too.

Kalamazoo's Suitcase Killer by Rod Kackley

Kalamazoo’s Suitcase Killer, a fascinating compilation of shocking true crime stories that will blow your mind!

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