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Gangland Killing! Gambino Crime Family Boss Franky Boy Cali Dead!

Gene Gotti, the 72-year-old son of the Teflon Don, John Gotti, finally gets out of the slammer. He did 29 long years behind bars on a heroin bust.

The next thing you know, the head of one of NYC's most significant crime families is lying dead under a Cadillac.

Coincidence? Yeah right. Maybe. NYPD busted a 24-year-old Staten Island man, Anthony Comello, March 16. And guess what? He doesn't seem to have any connections to organized crime.

The killer backed his blue pickup truck up and smashed into a Cadillac Escalade owned, of all people, by reputed Gambino crime family boss Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali.

It's a hell of a hit. Rocked the Caddy.

Godfather's Caddy! And, this guy hit it with his pickup truck! A dead man, right? Yeah. However, I'll bet you put your money on the wrong, dead man.

What would you do? You hit not only a made guy's SUV, you smeared the ride of the guy's who's the boss of the legendary Gambino family.

Well, Anthony Comello walked up to Franky Boy's front door, rang the buzzer and told the Don what he's done.

Incredible. Franky walks down to the driveway with Anthony, shakes his hand. Then Anthony even hands Franky Boy the license plate he knocked off Godfather's car.

Franky Boy must know this guy, you're thinking.

Yeah. The truck driver has to be a friend, a good fella. Maybe. But Ray Liotta, playing Henry Hill in Good Fellas told us when the Mafia does a hit, you never hear them coming. No yelling. No curses.

Guess what? In Franky Boy's driveway, the next thing you know, Anthony pulls out a gun and opens fire. Franky Boy, who was putting the license plate in the car's trunk, dives for cover under the Cadillac.

However, Franky Boy can't escape the red hot 9 mm lead hurtling for his body. Twelve shots fired. Ten bullets hit Franky Boy, killing him in the driveway.

Now the question is, who engineered this hit, the first against a bonafide Mafia boss in decades? Could it have been Gene Gotti? The investigation continues, but one cop tells the NY Post, he can't believe it.

One thing is for sure, this police source says, NYC's other mob bosses did not sanction this hit on Franky Boy.

“Everything was running smoothly. Everybody was making money, and something like this is only bad for business,” a law enforcement source said. “Now they’re back on the front page.”

So maybe it wasn't a mob hit. Maybe this was just some guy with a gun, who shot Franky Boy for who knows what reason. The NYPD investigation continues.

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