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"I can't believe I did this," killer writes, "it was really stupid."

A couple of months in a county jail cell can clear a man's mind.

All that time mixing and mingling with other inmates; but many of those hours, days and weeks alone. And without a computer to access the fevered fetish fantasies a man can find on the internet.

Well, it can be like awakening from a bad dream, an evil nightmare.

Jake Patterson, the twenty-one-year-old Wisconsin man who kidnapped Jayme Closs after killing the thirteen-year-old girl’s parents, confessed to the crime in a letter sent to at KARE 11 News.

Patterson, who used a shotgun to kill Jayme’s father, and then shot her mother to death as she sheltered her daughter from the homicidal maniac, told KARE in the letter that he committed the heinous crime “mostly on impulse.” ​

Patterson also stressed that he doesn’t “think like a serial killer.”

But he thought like a stalker. Patterson spotted the child as she got on to her school bus. At that moment, on impulse evidently, he decided that he had to have Jayme.

He grabbed the girl after murdering her parents, pushed her into the trunk of his car and sped away just before police arrived in answer to the mother’s frantic 911 call.

Patterson drove her to his cabin in Gordon, Wisconsin, about 110 miles from Jayme’s home.

Patterson held Jayme, for much of the time under his bed, from Oct. 15 through Jan. 10, when she escaped while he was out of the cabin.

Patterson wrote in the letter penned in his jail cell that he decided to confess to his crimes because he didn’t want Jayme’s family “to worry about a trial.”

He also wrote that referring to Jayme, he didn’t want to “hurt her more for no reason.”

Murder. Guilt. Shame. Facebook.

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