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Iowa Woman Corn-Raked To Death

The corn rake is an effective farming implement that could be a wickedly deadly weapon. Used by farmers to, you guessed it -- rake corn -- this devilish tool features a 9.7-inch head and four, eight-inch-long tines with chiseled points spaced three-point-25 inches apart.

Amy Mullis died with one of these things impaled in her back.

Todd Mullis, 42, of Earlville, Iowa, says he found his 39-year-old wife dead after she fell on to the rake.

Todd swears he discovered Amy crouched down on the floor of their hog building with the corn rake sticking out of her back.

He pulled the farming implement out, bundled Amy up and drove like a madman to the nearest hospital, where Amy was pronounced dead.

Sad, tragic story. But farming accidents happen, right?

Police believed him at first. But an investigation showed Amy was struck and stabbed with those wicked eight-inch-long chiseled point tines several times before she died in November 2018.

On top of that, it turns out Amy had not one, but two affairs and Todd found out about both of them. One of her lovers also tells police that Amy was scared to death of Todd and had warned him that "if he catches me, he might make me disappear."

Police talked to Amy's friends. Guess what? Amy told one of her friends that she felt "trapped and like a prisoner." Amy told another buddy that she was afraid Todd would kill her and feed her to the pigs if he knew she was cheating.

Of course, there's a digital trail. Police say Todd was online searching for answers as to how Aztec tribes dealt with cheating spouses, along with "killing unfaithful women."

The Iowa Medical Examiner's office ruled Amy's death a homicide and Todd faces the first-degree murder charge with a penalty of life in prison if convicted.

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