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Kalamazoo's Suitcase Killer

Whether or not he pleads guilty or is convicted of killing his girlfriend, stuffing her body into a suitcase and pitching it into a river, Donnovan Terrell Lewis is going to spend time behind bars.

That is what jumping over three, fifteen-foot high fences — one topped with shards of glass, another with barbed wire — then stripping off your county jail orange and running through downtown Kalamazoo in your county-issued boxers will get you.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Donnovan walked up to police detectives in downtown Kalamazoo June 28, 2018, and told them he'd killed his girlfriend, Aniya Mack. Talk about coincidences; the detectives were searching for Aniya. She hadn't been seen for five days.

Donnovan admitted he and Aniya had been arguing in the bedroom of her apartment. He accused her of sexting photos and messages to the pastor of her church, who for the record has denied any involvement with Aniya.

Donnovan said he lost his temper and punched her in the face, knocking Aniya unconscious. While she lay out cold on the bedroom floor, Donnovan ran out to the kitchen, he said, grabbed a knife and came back into the bedroom stabbed Aniya and slit her throat.

He had to get rid of the body. Donnovan might have been a rookie at murder, but he knew that much. So, Donnovan got a suitcase. He pulled a garbage bag over Aniya's head and crammed her body into the case.

Donnovan walked the suitcase out of the apartment and tossed it in a nearby dumpster.

He left his girlfriend's corpse there for a night but thought he needed a better hiding spot. So, Donnovan got his mom's van, pulled the suitcase out of the dumpster and drove it -- of course, with Aniya's body still inside -- out of Kalamazoo.

Donnovan didn't drive far. Still, in Kalamazoo County, he pulled over alongside Comstock Creek and tossed it in the water.

New problem. The suitcase floated. That wouldn't work. Anyone who spotted a suitcase floating down Comstock Creek would pull it out of the water, Donnovan feared. So, he pushed it down into the water and covered it with mud.

Guilt got the better of him four days later. Donnovan spotted some cops in the neighborhood and confessed. But it needs to also be noted that Donnovan has not gone to trial on this charge of open murder yet. And as we all know, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Donnovan seemed confident his lawyer could get him a good deal. That's what his fellow prisoners said. So, why did he decide to bust out of the county jail? That decision had to do with another woman, and we'll cover that in the second chapter of Kalamazoo's Suitcase Killer.

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