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Innocent until ....

Kahlek McPherson wouldn't budge. He pled not guilty to a charge of murder in the death of Corey Thompson, and Kahlek was bound and determined to stick to his story in a Muskegon County, Mich. courtroom.

Kahlek even took the stand in his own defense, against the advice of his attorney. Kahlek insisted on testifying. He told the jury in no uncertain terms that he did not fire the shot that killed Corey while the forty-four-year-old was sitting alone on his porch drinking a beer on a hot July night in 2018.

"There's no reason for me to want to kill this man," Kahlek insisted under oath.

But the prosecution disagreed, claiming Kahlek felt "disrespected" by Corey's brother a few hours before the shooting. It seems Corey got into an argument with no less than 100 people, according to police. Corey's brother Keith stood up for him and convinced the mob to leave Corey alone.

Muskegon County Senior Assistance Prosecutor Benjamin Medema told the jury Kahlek might have backed down then, but he also went home, got a long-barrel silver revolver, found Corey sitting alone drinking a beer, and shot him dead.

Kahlek's attorney pointed out that even though his client told the woman who was his girlfriend at the time that he killed Corey, and also wrote a letter in which he asked her to get the gun, clean his prints off it, and then sell it; the prosecution had failed to prove its case.

You see, the bullet that killed Corey was never recovered, so nobody could be sure, attorney Kevin Wistrom said, that the gun police recovered fired the deadly shot.

Furthermore, Kevin said, the prosecution couldn't prove the revolver the cops found had even been the murder weapon.

So there was a reason for optimism at the defense table as the jury returned with its verdict, Feb. 11, 2018.

Until that is, just as the jury foreman began speaking, Kahlek jumped to his feet, looked at Corey Thompson's family in the courtroom and yelled, "If he wasn't such a bitch, I wouldn't have shot him!"

Damn. Case Closed. I guess there are some people you just can't help. Rod

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