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Just when I am ready to dump Netflix, along comes "Velvet Buzzsaw"

I'm not kidding. I was ready to cancel Netflix. How many times could I watch the first three seasons of "Narcos?" Season Four of that show was a complete disappointment, so don't even ask.

I'd decided to pull the plug when I chanced on "Velvet Buzzsaw," an incredible satire of the art world. Not that I know anything about the art world -- except for the annual Art Prize show held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Art Prize, by the way, erased "annual" from its title because this small town yearning for bigger things got bored.

But the art world in "Velvet Buzzsaw" is just what we in Grand Rapids always dreamed it would be like.

"Velvet Buzzsaw" is the story of artists, dealers, and critics who fall in love with a dead painter's work even though there's blood mixed with his paint and the art turns evil.

"Velvet Buzzsaw" also includes a young woman, whose three bosses have turned up dead. As if that wasn't bad enough, the young woman is scared to death that if she can't find another job, she'll have to return home to Michigan. I understand.

Here's the point: watch "Velvet Buzzsaw," and if you know anybody who's anybody; do what you can to get Jake Gyllenhaal nominated for an Oscar or an Emmy, something that equates with his brilliant performance.

Oh, and get this: Lots of people in the art world are screaming mad! They're insulted. They're pissed. Don't they get the joke, or maybe they do.

Here's a paragraph I pulled out of the Huffington Post:

" Artist Katya Grokhovsky, in an email to HuffPost, described it as a cheap shot at “an easy target. ... I think the oversimplification of the art-people’s lives, passions and realities does not sit right with any of us.” Asked about his own art world horror stories, gallerist Frank Maresca responded, “The hour and a half that I spent viewing ‘Velvet Buzzsaw.’”

Okay. Fine. But if you're not a member of the art world and are into satire, check out "Velvet Buzzsaw." I'll be watching it for the second time in three nights, tonight.


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