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Japanese Woman Slaughtered, Butchered, Buried by New York Tourist

An evening of fun morphed into an online date with death for a woman in Japan. Saki Kondo, a 27-year-old woman, living in Osaka had the bad luck to hook up with a New York guy, Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, also 27, who was on vacation in Japan.

He wound up strangling the poor girl then cut up her corpse with a knife. And, get this: Yevgeniy wanted to be sure he did the butchery correctly, so he went online to make sure he did the dismembering the right way.

Cops found Saki's head in a suitcase inside an apartment the vacationing killer was renting. The other body parts -- arms, legs, and torso -- he buried in the mountains outside Osaka and the woods of Kyoto.

Here's the kicker: Yevgeniy told the court he didn't mean to do it, threw himself on the mercy of the court, and wound up with an eight-year sentence for manslaughter.

“I will be burdened with this crime until the day I die,” he said during the trial, according to the news outlet. “I am so sorry.”

Well, Saki's father is going to be grieving for his daughter until the day he dies.

Dad told reporters the sentence was "too light and the truth remains unknown."

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