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He Came, He Saw, He Scammed

Did Billy McFarland pull off one of the enormous cons of the 21st century with his aborted Fyre Festival, well documented on Netflix? Or was he merely a guy thirsting for fame and fortune who bought into all the entrepreneur porn he read online?

Perhaps he was preying on people desperate to believe.

Watch the Netflix documentary on the Fyre Festival and make your own decision. It's fascinating! I couldn't stop watching! You'll learn that Fyre was not Billy's first foray into the world of business that could be called a deception, nor was it his last.

You'll hear the tales of woe from millennials who paid thousands of dollars for tickets who were stiffed. You'll also see the stories business people, sub-contractors if you will, who were taken for six-figure rides, and investors who lost millions banking on Billy.

How could they all fall into this deceitful net?

Wondering about this; I thought of a story told me by Ralph Hauenstein; he's the guy who led one of the greatest deceptions of World War II. Ralph's team convinced Hitler that the D-Day Invasion was going to come not on the beaches of Normandy, but Cali.

How'd he do it? I added that story as a bonus to a short story I published a couple of years ago, Lies We Tell." What's important now is that Ralph explained Hitler believed the lie because that is what he wanted to believe. And, Hitler had a team of "yes men" behind me him who wanted to make their boss happy, so they supported his belief.

The sub-contractors, the economic development people in the Bahamas, and yeah, even the customers, believed Billy McFarland's line of blarney because that is what they wanted to believe. After all, they too had been reading the same entrepreneurial porn. And, they also had "yes people" behind them who wanted to make the boss happy.

Am I blaming the victims of this shocking true crime? Maybe I am. But am I wrong? Let me know. My email rod@rodkackley.com is always open for business.

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