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Mr. Stinky, The Donvale Rapist Faces More Than Two Dozen New Charges

Teenagers Abina Madill and Garry Heywood died at the hands of Raymond "Mr. Stinky" Edmunds, also known as the "Donvale Rapist."

The teens (pictured above), ages 16 and 18, respectively, never came home from a dance in the Shepparton, Australia, on the evening of February 10, 1966. Police discovered their murdered bodies 16 days later.

Abina had also been raped before being bludgeoned to death. Heywood was shot through the head by a .22 caliber self-loading rifle.

After the double murder, Edmunds, or "Mr. Stinky" if you prefer, was free to commit a series of rapes and assaults on women.

His victims told police the 74-year-old guy who has grown a long, bushy beard in prison, just plain smelled bad when he was arrested -- really, really bad. Hence, the nickname.

Raymond's offensive odor was due to a mixture of milk, manure, and chemicals. He made his living as a sharecropping farmer.

Mr. Stinky was in and out of prison for a couple of decades. A variety of crimes, usually sexual in nature, and abusive toward women.

Police caught Mr. Stinky again, in 1985, busting him this time for indecent exposure. They took his fingerprints, and guess what? They matched prints lifted by investigators from the Shepparton crime scene where the teenagers' bodies were found nearly twenty years before.

Now, doing life in prison for killing Abina and Garry; thanks to the cold-case work of the Victoria Police, Raymond's been charged with 31 more crimes that include rape, causing grievous bodily harm, imprisonment, and abduction of a female by force.

Raymond was long a suspect in these crimes. He always maintained his innocence.

But police say thanks to new DNA evidence they can prove Raymond attacked at least 11 women between 1971 and 1984, in their own homes.

"We won't give up," Steve Wilson, the Sexual Crimes Squad detective inspector, said. "And it doesn't matter how many years go past, these crimes can always be solved."

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