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The Kidnapping of Jayme Closs

Jake Thomas Patterson

Jake Thomas Patterson stops in traffic on his way to work at the Saputo Cheese Factory behind a school bus. The bus stops everyone going both ways so kids can get on the bus for their morning classes.

That's when Jake spots Jayme Closs. And, that's when Jake knows she's the one. This is the girl I'm going to take, Jake says to himself.

He doesn't have any idea at the time who she is. No name. But Jake knows where she lives. The bus stops right in front of her house every day. Of course, he doesn't know how many people might also be living in the home on Highway 8. Nor does Jake know why Jayme is the one that he has to have. He just knows that she's the one.

Jake's decided he'll kill whoever's in the house with this girl, whoever gets in his way. He doesn't bother to find out anything about her. Jake never takes the time to try to contact her on social media. But he isn't going into this without a plan. Jake puts quite a bit of thought into his plot to kidnap Jayme.

The next day, he stops at a store to buy a mask. Jake steals some license plates to put on his car, and he shaves his head so he won't leave any DNA evidence.

He tries to get into Jayme's house twice. Both times Jake is scared off by lights outside the house and people he can see walking inside the home.

Oct. 15, 2018, he 's back, with his shotgun. Jake is ready. Will the third time be the charm?

Dressed in black, Jake gets into the house. A dog is barking. Jake looks up and sees a man coming down the stairs. Jake fires his shotgun. With one shot, Jake kills Jayme's father, James.

Then, Jake hears two voices as he marches up the stairs. After killing James Closs with one shot from his 12-gauge, it won't be any trouble to kill again.

Jayme and her mother are hiding in a bathroom, huddled together in a bathtub. Jake knows they're in there. He tries to open the door. It's locked. No matter. He's getting in. Jake slams his shoulder against the door. He hits it once, twice, three times. Never giving up, Jake hits the door harder and harder. Finally, after slamming the door at least 10 times, it buckles. He slams his shoulder into it a couple more times. The door frame gives way. He's inside the bathroom.

Jayme's mother dials 911 but drops the phone when Jake bursts into the bathroom. Denise and Jayme are huddled in the bathtub. Jake hears them and sees the mother and child hiding behind a shower curtain. He rips the curtain down. It falls on Denise and Jayme. Denise is trying to shield and protect her child, wrapping her in a protective mama bear hug.

Jake has a roll of duct tape. He tells Denise to put a piece of tape over Jayme's mouth. She complies but grabs her little girl, holding her tight. Jake squeezes his shotgun's trigger and shoots the mother dead.

He grabs Jayme, who is covered with her mother's blood, and walks out of the house. Jake pops the car's trunk, shoves the girl inside, slams the lid closed and drives away.

From inside the trunk, Jayme hears the police sirens coming to the house, just a little too late to save her. The officers responding to her mother's 911 call missed Jake and Jayme by about 20 seconds.

Of course, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, detectives say Jake Patterson confessed to kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing her parents. Bail is $5 million.~~~Rod

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