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Kidnapped Wisconsin Girl Found Alive!

Jayme Closs Kidnap Victim

A woman walking her dog encounters a young girl, dirty, emaciated, wearing leggings, a baggy sweatshirt, shoes too big for her feet, screaming, "Help me! Help me!"

The woman bends down to talk to the girl. They exchange a few words. Then the woman takes the child by the hand and runs to Peter Kasinskas' home. She bangs on the front door, yelling, "This is Jayme Closs. Call 911!"

Jayme Closs is a 13-year-old, who was kidnapped in October after her parents were murdered inside their Wisconsin home.

Peter can't believe it. He'd seen the photos, the stories on TV and the internet. Wisconsin was filled with billboards asking for anyone who knew anything to call the police. Jayme had gone missing in October. Here it is January and she's standing in his kitchen.

Police found Jayme's parents murdered in the Closs family home about 65 miles from the neighborhood where she'd been seen begging for help.

Jayme looks just the same as she did in all the photos. It is like seeing a ghost, Peter thinks. Her hair's the same length and color as it is in all the images. It's obvious she hasn't been able to take care of herself for months.

She refuses food or water. Jayme sits quietly waiting for police to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later, the police show up. Peter barely has time to open the front door before they barge into his house.

Jayme tells them she ran away from the man who'd kidnapped her. She just ran out of the house when she had a chance. Where's she been all this time, since October.

Jayme can't be sure, but she thinks she's been staying in the same house the whole time, here in this neighborhood, about an hour away from her family's home.

She gives them a description of the man who she says took her from her house in Barron, Wisc. Jayme even tells police what he's driving.

Not long after that, a patrol car pulls over a vehicle matching the description Jayme gave, and behind the wheel finds a young man, 21-years-old, who looks just like the guy Jayme said kidnapped her.

He's Jake Patterson, a clean-cut white guy, balding, about 5-feet-9-inches tall.

Jake Patterson kidnapping suspect

Police say Patterson doesn't have a local criminal record. He wasn't on their radar. They are still investigating, but say it appears, Patterson killed James and Denise Closs Oct. 15 so that he could abduct Jayme.

Patterson is charged with kidnapping Jayme and murdering her parents. Police don't think anyone else was involved.

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