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Murder! Chopped Up Body in the Basement, Part Three

He not only chopped up her body and hid some, but not all of Ashley Young's remains under a tarp; Jared Chance also murdered the young southwest Michigan woman.

So say Kent County, Michigan prosecutors. They added a count of open murder to the charges facing Jared, Jan. 2. He was already accused of mutilating Ashely's corpse and tampering with evidence.

Jared is expected to be led into a Kent County, Michigan courtroom wearing shackles and chains for arraignment on the murder charge, Thursday, Jan. 3. That's when we'll find out if Jared's going to plead guilty or not guilty.

If he pleads to this heinous crime or is eventually convicted, Jared's future will be shaped by the prison cell he'll call "home." The Grand Rapids man is already facing life in prison on the first set of charges because he's a four-time criminal loser.

And, this is turning out to be a family affair. Jared's parents have been charged with perjury and being accessories after the fact. GRPD detectives say James and Barbara Chance of Holland lied by not telling them that Jared had confessed to cutting Ashley's body into pieces.

Not all of the young woman's remains have been recovered. Ashley's mother pleaded with Jared's mom and dad in December, begging them to tell her where she could find the rest of her daughter.

Chance told WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids that he apologized for what he had done, but didn't say anything about where Ashley's mom could find the resolution to this grotesque end of her daughter's life that she so desperately seeks.

And nobody yet, not the cops, not Jared, nor his parents, is answering the most perplexing question in this savage crime: Why?

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