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Now We Know! Chopped-Up Body In the Basement, Part Two

The body parts found in the basement of a Grand Rapids, Mich. home Dec. 2 were that of Ashley Young. In our first installment, Shocking True Crime Readers, we raised the possibility that the body pieces found under a tarp in the cellar of the home where Jared Chance lived were all that remained of the young woman.

Her family says Ashley was with Jared in Grand Rapids' trendy Eastown neighborhood a couple of nights before police lifted that tarp and made the gruesome discovery of those bloody body parts.

At the time, investigators said they were missing some pieces to the anatomical jigsaw and couldn't even tell us if it was the chopped-up corpse of a man or a woman.

GRPD detectives were forced to wait days before making a positive ID because they did not, and still do not have, all of Ashley's body parts. What investigators were able to turn in for a DNA test was discovered under a tarp after some neighbors turned their noses up to a foul smell. A couple more spotted a trail of blood coming from under a tarp. They called the cops.

But the mystery is not over yet. For some reason, prosecutors have not filed a homicide charge against Jared. So far, he only faces a charge of dismembering a body.

And here's something else: Jared's father, an ex-police officer, and Jared's mother now face charges of perjury in connection with the case.

WOOD-TV reports the probable cause affidavit against them claims Jared told his parents Dec. 1 that Ashley was dead and he'd cut up the body.

We still don't know the cause of Ashley's death. More will come in this investigation, and when I know the latest, readers, you will too.

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