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California Nightmare! Hot Couple Accused of Preying on Party Girls!

California Nightmare! Preying on Party Girls!

The words "handsome" and "beautiful" don't do them justice. Dr. Grant Robicheauz, 38, a onetime reality TV star, a surgeon, and "Orange County's Most Eligible Bachelor" of 2013.

Cerissa Riley, 31, a dance instructor, a devout Christian (according to her ex), who fostered dogs.

If there were photos of typical Californians, at least what the rest of the world thinks of as SOP California residents; Grant and Cerissa's pictures would be on Page One. Instead, their pix were plastered all over the California newspapers because Grant and Cerissa have been accused of preying on party girls/.

The couple was arrested Sept. 11 and accused of drugging and sexually assaulting two women in 2016.

When that story broke, more women started coming forward to tell their tales of drugs and rape.

Were they all telling the truth? Of course, a jury will have to decide. But those California citizens judging whether Grant and Cerissa should be put behind bars will be looking at tons of incriminating evidence.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas told the NY Post his people discovered thousands of hot videos and photos of Grants' phone; many of them showing he and Cerissa having lurid sexual contact with unconscious women.

Millions of women might have loved Grant when they saw him on the Bravo TV show called "Online Dating," but Lauren Hayden, 24, went on a date with this guy and said, "I would have loved this guy if he hadn't been such an a___hole."

Lauren got together with Grant at his $2 million home in Orange County.

“We went into the Jacuzzi, and he tried tearing off my bathing suit top. I was blaming myself and kept retying it and saying no,” Hayden recalled.

Cerissa might have been known to her neighbors and her ex as a lovely, church-going girl, but Asst. DA Rackauckas says his investigators have discovered the truth.

“It’s a joint venture, for sure,” Rackauckas said. “[Cerissa is] the one … [who] meets the victim and socializes and introduces the victim to the defendant, Grant Robicheaux, and then we see her engaged in sexual conduct in the videos. There doesn’t seem to be any lack of participation on her side.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time,” he added, speaking of his job. “I can’t remember a couple doing this together.”

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