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Strike It Rich, Bail Out A Two-Time Loser, A Convicted Child Sex Abuser

A winning Texas Lottery ticket was as good as a gold-plated Get Out of Jail Free card to Jason Wayne Carlile.

Jason, twice convicted of child sex abuse, faces a new CSC involving a minor. Held in the Wichita County Jail, with only $1,000 in savings, his mother and stepfather were unable to post bail to free Jason.

But then lightning struck, the Wichita Falls Times Record News reported.

Mom and stepdad hit it big with a winning Texas lottery ticket worth $15.25 million. They bailed out Jason.

He's already a two-time loser, after being convicted of "the sale or purchase of a fifteen-year-old girl in 2006, and indecency with a child in 1994.

Jason also faced a charge of child pornography, which prosecutors dropped as part of a plea bargain agreement.

So this guy has problems. He's a convicted pedophile. Of course, on this third charge -- aggravated sexual assault on a child related to the 2006 conviction -- Jason is innocent until proven guilty.

But now there's a new question. Should Wichita County, Texas pay for his lawyer? After all, his mom and stepdad are suddenly worth millions. But his seventy-year-old mom, Joann Ames, told Judge Barney Fudge that Jason doesn't have a bank account, a drivers' license, or a passport.

Judge Frank agreed. He refused to revoke Jason's indigent status, even though Joann and her husband, Floyd, are now richer than rich.

"The circumstances in this case," Judge Frank said, "are unusual."

So Jason gets to spend Thanksgiving Day with Floyd and Joann, on a tether, and Wichita County, Texas taxpayers, get to pay for his attorney.

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