• Rod Kackley

Why Did That Man Kill Uncle George?

George desired sex. John needed money. Craigslist brought them together. The result was a bloody, violent, senseless murder that jarred the sensibilities of even longtime New York City residents who thought they'd seen it all -- and four children were left asking, "Why did that man kill Uncle George?"

Did George go into this wanting to die? Was John planning a murder? And while we're at it; who is in the wrong here, the forty-seven-year-old man who craved a sixteen-year-old boy, or the boy who stabbed the man who wanted sex?

You will be faced with those questions while you're reading, this shocking true crime story, "Why Did That Man Kill Uncle George?"

If anyone in your life is thinking about hooking up online for sex; make sure they read this story.

Why Did That Man Kill Uncle George is a gripping, heartwrenching thriller that takes you on a trip to the dark side of the internet; indeed a shocking true crime story.

Why Did That Man Kill Uncle George? is available wherever books are sold including:

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