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Whitey Bulger Dead! Gangster Beaten To A Bloody Pulp in Prison

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James “Whitey” Bulger died the way he lived. His fellow inmates brutally beat the 89-year-old South Boston mobster and FBI informant to death in a West Virginia prison, Oct. 30.

Whitey, whose larger-than-life persona inspired books and movies — including "The Departed" starring Jack Nicholson — wasn’t just hit over the head and left to die. Two prison employees told the New York Times the beating was so vicious that the mobster was left unrecognizable.

Guards went into Whitey’s cell after he failed to show up for the 6 a.m. breakfast. They found Whitey wrapped in blankets. When they shook him, blood splashed out and splattered the floor.

Prison employees said Whitey's killer bashed out his brains with a "lock in a sock," and even tried to gouge his eyes out.

Was it a hit? Come one. How could it not be?

One of the Federal Bureau of Prisons employees, who refused to give the Times their names, said the inmates who murdered Whitey are thought to be “affiliated with the mob.”

Whitey, sentenced five years ago to two life sentences for 11 murders, was a rat. He worked with the FBI, and that left his criminal compatriots filled with murderously bad feelings.

“Anyone in criminal activity with him feels grossly betrayed that he was informing on them while he was supposedly their comrade and friend,” Michael Kendall, a former federal prosecutor from Boston who also once represented the family of one of Mr. Bulger’s murder victims, told the Times.

And guess what? The cops didn’t like Whitey either.

“Anyone committed to law enforcement wouldn’t consider him a legitimate informant,” Kendall said, “because he just manipulated law enforcement to carry out criminal activity — including murders.”

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