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Killer Gets Life For Girlfriend's Murder, Her Family, Friends, Left With Memories

Alina Sheykhet’s father found the 20-year-old University of Pittsburgh student dead ini her bedroom last October. Her corpse was lying in a pool of Alina’s own blood inside her Pittsburgh residence.

It was a gruesome scene. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported the body had been chopped and stabbed about the head and face multiple times.

Neighbors hadn’t noticed anything suspicious. But Nancy D’Andrea told KDKA-TV she’ll never forget what she saw in front of the home where and when Alina’s body was discovered.

“I feel so bad because I saw a guy and a lady. They were crying so loud I thought maybe it was her boyfriend, but after I realized… I think it was the mother and the father,” Ms. D’Andrea said.

Alina’s boyfriend did the murder. Matthew Darby admitted as much in court when he entered a guilty plea during his arraignment. Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey A. Manning asked Darby why he was pleading guilty, and Darby simply replied, “Because I am guilty.”

Several weeks before Alina was murdered, Darby was busted for breaking into the home where she and roommate Rebecca Kubiczki lived. Police charged him with criminal trespass.

Page O’Neil, Alina’s best friend, testified in court that Darby was very possessive. She let him have it in a victim’s impact statement when the killer was sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life in a prison cell.

“You didn’t want anyone else to have her. From this, you did the most selfish thing to get what you truly wanted,” she said in court. “I just want you to know that even though you took my very best friend away from me, you will never kill her soul. Her memory is always here.”

Alina’s family said the young woman’s memory lives on.

“She is even more beautiful and powerful now. Alina is a beautiful angel. She brought so many people together by loving and supporting each other, she is guiding and helping us to make this world a better place,” Elly Sheykhet said.

“And as long as the Earth rotates on its axis," Elly said, "the world will be carrying her love and her beauty.”

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