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Portland Cops Pop a Toyota's Trunk, Find Elderly, Dead Woman Inside

Marcine Herinck was missing and Portland, Oregon police thought Timothy Joseph Mackley, 58, was involved in the 89-year-old woman’s disappearance. Medical examiners were able to tell detectives they were correct a couple of days after some uniforms stopped Mackley’s car as part of law enforcement’s effort to find Herinck.

The ME’s office made a positive ID. They’d found her alright. Police got Mackley to open the trunk of his Toyota Camry, and there she was — a very dead Ms. Marcine Herinck.

Marcine went missing from her home, Sept. 19, 2018. Police didn’t find any signs of foul play immediately. But they kept looking into the case while family, friends and neighbors searched for the woman. During the search, investigators, family members, and volunteers searched the neighborhood near Ms. Herinck's home, as well as the grounds and ponds at Glendoveer Golf Course.

While the search continued, detectives say they developed leads that led them to consider Mackley a person of interest. This guy had a wicked past and probably has an even worse future.

Mackley is a registered Level 3 sex offender who was convicted of sodomy and sex abuse back in 1999.

And he’s got no manners. During his arraignment, as he pleaded not guilty to murdering Marcine; Mackley rolled his eyes and turned his back on the judge.

In the end, this is a story that proves the truth of the old saying, no good deed goes unpunished. Marcine volunteered to help people like Mackey, who had a history of mental illness, at Portland Adventist Community Services. She’d worked hard there. Marcine logged more than 1,900 hours stocking the shelves and cleaning the thrift store.

“Marcine will be remembered for her soft, gentle spirit and the life she lived dedicated to others,” her family said in a statement on their Facebook page.

Prosecutors say Mackley followed her as Marcine walked home from her volunteer shift. Others at the store said they’d seen Mackley in the facility during Herinck’s final hours of work. They called the Portland P.D. to tell detectives of their suspicions after Marcine had been missing for a few days..

"Marcine was one of those quiet rocks in our community," Chris Blair, here pastor at Crossroads Church told the Oregonian. "She was a tiny little thing. But she had boundless energy."

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