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Nursing Home Killer Paroled!

Cathy Wood, one of the "Sealed With A Kill" nurses aides who murdered five elderly patients at a Grand Rapids, Michigan-area senior citizens home is going free.

Relatives of the old people she and Gwen Graham suffocated in their beds are horrified.

"This woman should not be out until the last day on her 40-year sentence," John Engman, the son-in-law of victim Mae Mason, told WOODTV. "That's my viewpoint, if only because she's dangerous to society."

Engman and the other relatives of those killed in brutal suffocation attacks on elderly patients murdered as they slept plan to file an appeal of the parole ruling.

Cathy turned on her former lover, Gwen, and told the story of how the five murders were committed, and how the young lovers would celebrate each killing with wild sex. Cathy told police Gwen forced her to kill.

However, John Engman told police one of her cellmates told him Cathy bragged about the murders and said they were all her idea.

The story of the "Sealed with A Kill" murderers is a gripping, fascinating, and at times, heartbreaking story of two star-crossed lovers who killed to prove their love to each other. Everything was going great until another nurse, Robin, came along and because of their lust for her, Gwen and Cathy turned against each other.

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