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Women kill, but not like men

Snochia Mosely from her Facebook page.

Snochia Mosely joined an elite group of infamous women Sept. 20, 2018, when she walked into the Rite-Aid facility near Baltimore, Md. where she worked and started blasting away with a 9mm Glock semiautomatic pistol.

She killed three people and wounded three more. Then, Snochia, whose last known address was Baltimore, pointed the Glock at herself and squeezed the trigger one final, deadly time.

Women are responsible for only about 10 percent of murders in the U.S. and only 4 percent of the time is it a female pulling the trigger and dropping bodies in a “mass killing.”

The feds define “mass killings” as homicides involved three or more dead victims. Women are rarely at the triggers of those massacres. However, when a female is shooting, and more than three people fall dead, the body count is usually low, according to Adam Lankford, a criminologist at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

“If you look at mass shootings in the United States that have killed eight or more people, they’re all done by men,” Lankford told the Washington Post.

Lankford said men tend to be more aggressive and violent than women and as a result are more likely to commit mass killings where ten or more people die. He said men who do that kind of lethal damage are usually suicidal and driven by a quest to be famous for murder.

While the New York Post reported Snochia wrote on her Facebook page that “an eye for an eye” was one of her favorite phrases, at this time, nobody knows why she went on this deadly rampage.

He wanted her. He couldn't have her. He killed her...and that was just the beginning one bloody night in Michigan.

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