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Sometimes Things Break: Tim Sheldon's back!

Tim Sheldon, St. Isidore's most notorious criminal, a serial killer and sexual deviant, is back in Sometimes Things Break.

I can't kill this guy! The kidnapper of Janice in Janice Is Missing, a serial killer who helped Bree achieve her dreams in A Wicked Plan, and a resurrected demon in Wicked Justice; Tim Sheldon returns in Sometimes Things Break.

Sometimes Things Break will be the next book in the St. Isidore Collection.

You should have a new book from the craziest town on the planet, St. Isidore in November.

Sometimes Things Break, like The Suicide Forest and Wicked Justice, will be a paranormal story of crime and suspense. It's a story filled with demons, spirits -- both evil and good -- and of course, the people of St. Isidore, faced with a decision: should the Suicide Forest be closed.

Here's a taste: Tim and Megan, a new resident of St. Isidore, have taken a trip into the future from the Suicide Forest, which became Mr. Sheldon's home in Wicked Justice.

Instead of being in a clearing in the Suicide Forest, Tim looked down and saw he was standing on — or more correctly over — what seemed to be a four-lane road.

“Don’t you get it?” Tim asked, barely managing to keep a lid on his panic. “The fucking Forest is gone.” Being Dead also meant Tim and Megan were not bound by the three dimensions of the Living. They saw everything at once. “It is tough to keep any perspective unless you concentrate,” Paul had told Tim on the first of his Dead Days. Tim was finding out how true that was as he tried to figure out where he and Megan were. Had they left the Forest? That usually didn’t happen when he and Paul had time traveled. They stayed in the Forest unless they wanted to go someplace else. “So we must be in the Forest now,” Tim said more to himself than to Megan. “Lord and Taylor,” Megan announced. She had wanted to see what the lights were in the distance, and since Tim was distracted by fighting to make sense out of what he was not understanding, he went along. What looked like a neon sign floating in the sky — because it was a neon sign floating in the air — said it all. “The (Suicide) Forest Mall” read the logo with a bright red hangman’s noose blinking to the right of the words. “Good God,” Tim said. “The Forest is gone, and they have replaced it with a mall.” “This is so excellent,” said Megan as they entered the mall, five stories of shopping wonder as far as she was concerned. “Maybe this will be like the ‘Back to the Future’ movie where they went into the future and saw everybody on hoverboards instead of skateboards,” she said. “We should be so lucky,” said Tim.

So there it is, the next book in the St. Isidore Collection, Sometimes Things Break, coming in November 2018.

Until then, feel free to do your best to read everything else in the St. Isidore Collection so you'll be up to speed.

Want more? Okay. Here's a link to the first chapter of Sometimes Things Break!

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