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The BTK Serial Killer's "Demon Inside"

Dennis Rader was a church leader, a father of two, a local compliance officer and a respected member of his community. But did something snap? Was there one event that turned Rader into one of the most infamous serial killers of the 20th century?

Even though Rader is still described as "quiet and unassuming" in the Oxygen Network documentary, "Snapped: Notorious BTK Killer," he terrorized Wichita, Kansas from 1974 to 1991. Rader murdered ten people and gave himself the nickname "BTK" or Bind, Torture, Kill.

As Rader tells the story in a previously unheard interview with a local TV reporter, Larry Hatteberg, the instant when this "demon inside me" showed its presence was one day as a child when he witnessed his mother's reaction to dropping her wedding ring into a couch and the piece of jewelry became stuck on a spring. His mother reached in for the ring and couldn't get her hand out.

Dr. Katherine Ramsland, a professor of forensic psychology, told the story on "Snapped."

She was terrified and told him to get help. And he felt the first stirrings of arousal over this," explained Dr. Ramsland.

She continued, "It was exciting to him to see a woman helpless, and it was the beginning of his ideas about women that what he wanted from them was to keep them trapped and helpless and looking to him in terror. That became imprinted in his mind and became the image he was always after."

“How could a guy like me, church member, raised a family, go out and do those sort of things?” Rader revealed in the documentary. “I want the people of Sedgwick County, the United States and the world to know that I am a serial killer … It’s a dark side of me.”

He wanted her. He couldn't have her. He killed her and three other people he grew up with.

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