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Netflix movie: Extinction (a true story that hasn't happened yet?)

If you're a science fiction fan, and I am, and have Netflix, and I do, you have to check out the new movie, "Extinction." Basically, and I am doing my best not to do any 'spoilers,' this is the story of a man and woman trying to save themselves and their young daughters from a force of invaders who are laying waste to Planet Earth.

As much as I'd like to share more, I can't without spoiling it for you. And I don't want to inflate your expectations. Just let it be said I am not a huge fan of Netflix-produced movies.

But "Extinction" is good -- maybe even great as compared to similar Netflix or Amazon Prime movies. And yeah, I think it might be a true story that hasn't happened yet...

If Caleb had been thinking with his brain, he and Kali wouldn't be trapped in the Suicide Forest, running for their lives from demons, poltergeist, and worse. But he wasn't. They are.

The Suicide Forest is a bone-chilling, paranormal, crime and suspense thriller that will keep you up at night. It's also an inside look at what makes St. Isidore the most dysfunctional suburban community on Planet Earth.

The Suicide Forest is available wherever books are sold including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Crime Stories Bookstore.

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