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"It's the machete or me, you make the choice," shrieks wild woman

Samantha Ray Mears, Great Falls PD

A Montana man nearly had his throat slashed by his ex-girlfriend who jumped out from behind a bedroom door brandishing a machete. Samantha Ray Mears, 19, pushed the sharp blade against her ex-boyfriend’s neck and told him point blank either he had sex with her or it would be the last time he said to any girl, “No thanks, not tonight, honey.”

What’s a guy to do? He had sex with the young woman on the bed in his Great Falls, Montana home. Samantha ordered him to strip naked and lay on his back on the bed. What’s a guy to do? If a woman wants sex terrible enough to threaten you with a machete, you do what she wants. He also knew this young woman meant business. He had to call the police on Samantha a few months before this attack when she punched him in the face, tried to rip the hair out of his head, and then attempted to strangle him.

He thought about fighting back. Samantha is not a large woman. No more than 125 pounds and probably 5-3. He could take her. But what if he did beat her up? What kind of criminal charges might face? And, she did have that machete at his throat.

So, he did what he was told. Samantha took her pants off, jumped on top of her ex and away they went. But she didn’t drop the machete.

But at the last minute, the guy had second thoughts. He’s got a naked woman riding him, holding a machete, and he tries to quit. Samantha was having none of that. She said she wanted more and bit the man on the arm to make her point.

After she was satisfied, Samantha sat nude on the bed holding that machete and let the man take several photos of her. Of course, this guy was going to press charges, if he got out of the bedroom alive. The pictures would help him make his case.

But it didn’t end that smoothly. Samantha became upset. They argued. Samantha ripped some trim off the bedroom wall. She climbed on top of the bed and peed.

Time to call 9-1-1 the guy decided. When the dispatcher answered, he pretended to talk to one of his buddies, Doug. The cops showed up, arrested Samantha, and the state has filed a restraining order against Samantha. She’s also been charged with aggravated assault and burglary and several misdemeanors.

One more note: this kind of violence is not all that unusual. “Intimate partner homicides” grew 139 percent in 2015-2016.

"There's a need to change our culture and the way we think about domestic violence," Eric Parsons, a program specialist at the Montana Department of Justice told the Great Falls Tribune. "We've come a long way in the past 30 years about how we think about domestic violence... in a lot of cases it's still considered a family issue or 'none of my business.'"

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