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Serial-Killing Santa Chopped Up Victims, Buried Body Parts

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Did naughty or nice make any difference to a serial-killing Santa Claus in Canada? Prosecutors are not saying yet, but pending his trial, police are finding what Santa left behind...a grisly trail of evidence turning the stomachs of the most grizzled cops.

Toronto Police investigators, helped by specially trained dogs, have discovered body parts planted in garden planters and a ravine; all, allegedly, left behind by a serial killing shopping mall Santa Claus.

The Toronto Star reported two weeks of digging in a ravine during early July resulted in the discovery of a body part a day, some as small as teeth and bone fragments.

Detectives believe the body parts and pieces are the work of Bruce McArthur, a landscaper, who also worked as a shopping mall Santa during the Christmas season.

McArthur, facing eight charges of first-degree murder, is scheduled to appear in court July 23.

Prosecutors have yet to release a motive for the brutal murders. However, all eight killings which occurred between 2010 and 2017 are all connected to Toronto's Gay Village neighborhood.

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