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Mommy's a Killer, Now She Wants To Get Out of Prison

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Julie Schenecker, convicted of killing her children in 2014, told a reporter she didn’t regret ending the lives of her teenagers. Instead, Schenecker said, “I saved them.”

The 57-year-old Florida woman now says she wants a new trial. Julie has filed a jailhouse motion that argues her public defender did a miserable job on her behalf, failing to introduce evidence that would prove she was legally insane when she killed her kids.

The motion also claims jurors were sleeping during her trial.

Tampa police said Julie told homicide detectives she shot and killed her children because they were “mouthy.”

Thirteen-year-old Beau Schenecker was shot twice in the head with a .38-caliber pistol for “talking back” when she was driving him to soccer practice. After that murder, Schenecker drove home and shot Beau’s sister, sixteen-year-old Calyx, while her daughter was working at her computer.

Julie told the judge before being sentenced to life in prison, “I know I shot my son and daughter. I don’t know why.”

Parker Schenecker, the teenagers’ father and Julie’s husband, told People after the murders that his wife had been battling clinical depression, but he never thought she would kill their kids.

“We were a typical American family, but we had a sick member,” Parker said. “I never had any indication she was homicidal or that she would ever harm the children.”

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