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Shocking True Crime: Mother of 2 Turns Out To Be CEO of Meth Ring

(Macrina Perez - DOJ)

Macrina Perez, mother of two, arrested in April at the U.S. - Mexico border on charges brought forth two years ago in a seal indictment turns out to be the CEO of one of the biggest meth trafficking rings the state of Minnesota has ever seen.

Perez was busted two years ago thanks to several confidential informants who told the DEA about what her gang was doing inside a Brooklyn Center stash house.

Federal authorities said before Perez started running the massive drug operation inside the stash house, she was groomed by a couple who was running the house -- Dolores Ludmilla Castillo and Francisco Silvestre-Martinez.

Perez began working for the couple by mailing out 5-to-10 pound parcels of meth.

While awaiting trial, Perez's attorney wanted his client to be released with GPS monitoring. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Steinkamp scoffed at the defense motion.

She might be young, only 25 years of age, but Steinkamp sucessfully reminded the judge that Perez was involved with a large-scale drug operation that had tentacles in several countries, including the U.S. and Mexico.

“I submit to you that we will never see her again if you release her, even to a halfway house,” Steinkamp said.

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