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Murder! Jealous Wife Kills Rival, A Shocking True Crime Story

Jennair Geradot, a 48-year old Pennsylvania woman, was so sure another woman was having an affair with her husband that she plotted to murder Meredith Chapman and then take her own life.

Wearing a wig that she used to disguise herself as she rode a train from Delaware to Radnor, Penn., Jennair was waiting for Meredith after breaking into the 33-year old woman's home.

Police Superintendent William Colarulo said Jennair even cleaned up the glass that was left on the floor after she broke into the house so that Meredith would enter the home completely unaware that she only had minutes to live.

Colaulo said Jennair shot Meredith when she walked in the door, then pointed the gun at herself and pulled the trigger.

Jennair's body was found near the kitchen of Meredith's home, not far from the corpse of the woman she was sure was having an affair with her husband.

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