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Tennessee teen too worried about being busted to mourn girlfriend's death

William Gaul, Emma Walker

Knox County Sheriff's Office

William Riley Gaul, 19, says he was just trying to scare his high school cheerleader girlfriend when he fired bullets through her bedroom wall. His plan was to come charging into the room and play the hero. Instead, he found Emma Walker dead in her bed.

Gaul, facing a first-degree murder charge, allegedly tried to get his buddies to hide the gun and lie to cops while detectives were investigating the 16-year-old girl's death.

“I’m trusting you guys with my life because this is 70 years in jail if I’m convicted of something I didn’t do,” Gaul reportedly said to friends in an undercover video recorded after Walker was killed.

Gaul's friends refused to hide the weapon that snuffed out Walker's life. Police said they arrested Gaul just as he was trying to throw the gun, that he had stolen from his grandfather, into the Tennessee River.

The Knoxville News Sentinel also reported Gaul's friends testified that he wanted to appear to be "upset" with Walker's death, "but I can't."

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