• Rod Kackley

Arrest Me, Please!

Danny Ryan waited in the lobby of First Community Bank of St. Isidore with $2,185 in his pocket. He was a patient man. Danny didn’t mind cooling his heels for a few minutes. It was better than being at home.

That’s what he told the St. Isidore police when they were pulling his arms behind his back for the handcuffs.

“It’s better than being at home. I can’t stand that bitch, anymore.”

“Danny, you’re going to jail. That’s better?”

“Yeah, it’s the only way I can get away from her,” Danny said.

He had tried to get away from Gladys before. But either she always found him, or he always came home with is tail between his legs.

Jail was, as Danny saw it, his last, best option.

Two months later, after growing accustomed to his jail cell, the judge agreed he needed to be punished.

“Six years, house arrest,” Judge Sullivan said. “Next case.”

(And, yes...this crime story was inspired by a Shocking True Crime Story. Of course the names have been changed to protect Danny and Gladys...Rod)

One Woman. One Gun. Two Dead Bodies.

Mary Eileen Sullivan’s ex-husband and new boyfriend have disappeared. She is crushed. Or is she?

Two of the St. Isidore Chronicle’s crack reporters — Joy and her protege, Amanda -- think Mary Eileen is lying. So does a state police detective, Sean Patrick Flynn, who decides to go undercover — under Mary Eileen’s covers — to solve the mystery and put his suspicions to rest.

They must be crazy! Mary Eileen Sullivan is a successful businesswoman. Her Coffee Shoppe is a centerpiece of downtown St. Isidore. Why would she kill anyone, least of all, the men she loves?

These reporters and this cop; they must be trying to make their careers off this case, right?

However, if she is a killer, why wouldn’t Mary Eileen make sure that Sean becomes just one more of her dearly departed lovers? And why not just kill Joy and Amanda?

The Coffee Shoppe Killer is a gripping crime and suspense thriller, inspired by a shocking true crime story, with more than enough twists and turns — along with a surprise ending — to enthrall everyone who loves a good crime fiction novel.

The Coffee Shoppe Killer: Inspired by a Shocking True Crime Story. Did she only kill the ones she loved?

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