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Murder! 12 Shocking True Crime Stories Now Just $9.95

Murderers! Homicidal Maniacs! Serial Killers!

The police who put them behind bars!

(You’ll never look at your neighbors the same way, again!)

A mother kills her children one by one.

A teenage girl runs away from home for Spring Break and never returns. Rumor has it; she alligators devoured her body after a gang rape.

A loving couple starts killing prostitutes on Sunset Strip. How many hookers will have to die?

A man electrocutes his wife. Was it murder or a sexual fetish that went wrong?

Those are just four of the most shocking real-life crime stories you will ever read! You will not believe they could be true crime stories, but they are.

For the first time ever, 12 of Rod Kackley's Shocking True Crime Stories, previously published as ebooks and short true crime stories, have been compiled into a single book!

Read the incredible, gripping, horrific stories of people who killed at random, murdered the ones they loved, and another led by the Devil; along with the true crime stories of the police who took them off the streets of London, Los Angeles, Georgia, Vienna, Florida, and Kalamazoo!

Don’t miss your chance to read Murder! 12 Shocking True Crime Stories by Rod Kackley. Each one tells the story of the vilest, bloodiest, most heinous homicides committed by serial killers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, fathers-in-law; and maybe the people you see every day.

I promise, you will never look at your neighbors the same way again.

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This is special. Regularly priced at $12.95, Murder! 12 Shocking True Crime Stories is sale-priced at just $9.95 for a limited time!

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-- Rod


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