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Balls of Steel - Rat Refuses To Hide

This guy must have balls of steel. The former owner of a New York strip club — Scores — who turned rat and squealed on dozens of Big Apple gangsters is refusing to do what every other mob turncoat or government witness does — go into hiding.

Michael Blutrich knows there is a $1 million bounty on his head. But the New York Post reported he is still refusing to duck or run. Blutrich, instead of going into the witness protection program has been living in Westchester, and Long Island after he was got out of prison.

Blutrich, 68, got 25 years behind bars for his role in a $400 million swindle that led to the collapse of National Heritage Life Insurance. Buy once he started singing, the feds cut his sentence by a third.

Why not go into witness protection? It was good enough for good fellas like Henry Hill? It turns out Blutrich was more like Tony Soprano when the fictitious head of crime in North Jersey told his wife, Carmela, that he wouldn’t cooperate with the FBI, move to Utah, and start selling tomatoes and Indian relics by the roadside.

Blutrich said he was afraid the government would have sent him to South Dakota or Utah.

“I would have been the only Jew in the state. I had just done 13 years alone. I wasn’t going in for more,” he said.

So what’s life like on the outside for this guy who used to be friends with some of New York’s most exceptional wise guys?

“My life is a scheme of insanity. With the government’s permission, I file taxes in one address of a family member’s. I pick up my mail, all my mail, all my credit cards, everything I put together myself, is all at the New York City address,” he said.

“I have to remember what’s where all the time.”

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