• Rod Kackley

So Young, So In Love, So Dead: A Serial Killer Thriller

Tim fell in love with every woman he saw on the street. He had only been loved back once. Just once, but it was the best six months of Tim’s life. He was sixteen. Cheryl wasn’t. She was jail bait.

Tim was thinking about that three decades later while driving to a street where he could see the parking lot — and the new jail bait —at St. Isidore High School, without being seen.

It was too early for the kids, so Tim waited in his black, Chevy Lumina, sipping a grande coffee from Starbucks.

He tried to park on a different street every time he came. Once or twice Tim had even rented a car so that no one would recognize him. Then he bought a truck, a Dodge Ram. Today, he was back to the Lumina.

Tim tried a disguise once. The mustache fell off just as some girls were looking in the car window.

They laughed.

Tim followed them home.

The girls were so into themselves they didn’t notice his Dodge Ram tailing them until Tim pulled up alongside and got out with the gun.

He used his friend Paul’s Smith & Wesson.

Nobody can fight one of those.

He had rope in the trunk.

Just in case.

The girls never laughed at him again.

He tried not to think about that day too often. Their laughter still hurt. But, Tim had to admit their screams did make him feel warm. Yet, it’s not like he meant for them to die. But, it was their attitudes that did the girls in. Tim just couldn’t handle their attitudes. Bitches.

Tim never wanted to kill. It was never part of the plan.Well, hardly ever. But there were times when things just don’t go right.

Sometimes things broke.

Most days Tim did his best to push their screams to the background and concentrate on that feeling of young love whenever he parked by the school. He tried to think about Cheryl.

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