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Love Books? You'll Love Book and Bed in Tokyo

As National Geographic put it, Book and Bed in Japan is great news for bibliophiles, those of us who just love to be around books.

Book and Bed is a chain of hostels-slash-bookstores where you actually sleep with thousands of books.

The Book and Bed website calls the concept an "accommodation bookshop" which is the "perfect setting for a good night's sleep."

But, don't imagine yourself in a big, soft bed with fluffy pillows and warm down duvets.

Book and Bed is not that. Instead, it's a bookstore where you can experience the "blissful instant of falling asleep" while reading a book.

I don't know if I'll ever get to Japan, but I know if I ever open a bookstore here in the States, I will give this business concept serious consideration.

What about you?


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