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Why St. Isidore, Why the Suicide Forest?

I have had a years long fascination with this community of St. Isidore, which I created in my mind.

A reporter asked me if writing stories about a city that revolved around a place called the Suicide Forest was self-medicating therapy for my soul.

Could be, but it's doubtful. Repairing damaged souls is not what the St. Isidore Collection is about. What damages those souls is far more interesting.

These novels and short stories are sometimes tales of paranormal activity and horror and supernatural crime and fantasy. Sometimes they are just good crime stories.

Some of the stories include demons and ghosts.

Others are thrillers, filled with mystery and suspense that tell the stories of baby boomers who see the finish line of life approaching sooner than they believed it would.

The stories include young adults falling in love, love triangles, even criminal insanity, and there is almost always some form of crime and punishment.

Welcome to St. Isidore and the Suicide Forest, where the world goes to die.


The story of Caleb and Kali trapped in the Suicide Forest is one of my favorites. Think about it: Caleb could have kept Kali out of the Forest, if only he'd been thinking with his brain.

But what if Kali really wanted to go there? What if she had to go there? Why?

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