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Welcome to the St. Isidore Collection

The Rod Kackley's Crime Stories Store is actually two collections of crime stories. I am offering my Shocking True Crime Stories library to you through this store, along with the St. Isidore Collection.

The St. Isidore Collection is more than a series of books. It is the creation of a community and its people who live, love, and kill with abandon.

The crime and suspense books only serve as vehicles to tell their stories of adultery and murder; their paranormal experiences, their flirtation with the supernatural, and their horror and revulsion at the crimes these wicked people — their neighbors — are capable of committing.

What else would you expect from community that is wrapped around the Suicide Forest; an international magnet for the lonely, the desolate, the desperate, and the vicious. They come to St. Isidore to kill themselves and their families — and the community is proud to say it turns a tidy profit off the carnage.

However, there is the law of unintended consequences. The Suicide Forest, and the people it attracts, create an aura of evil, of wickedness, and a link to the Other Side.

Or could it be that the people of St. Isidore are just bad people?

Whether it’s paranormal, the supernatural or just the horrible consequence of the death upon which St. Isidore depends; there is something wrong in St. Isidore.

But it’s been wrong so long, the people of St. Isidore don’t even notice. Or do they?

Start with The Coffee Shoppe Killer: Inspired By A Shocking True Crime Story. It's a fascinating, gripping, psychological thriller, inspired by the shocking true crime story, of a woman who found true love, too late.

Mary Eileen Sullivan is a beautiful, successful woman with a thriving business and an ex-husband who refuses to leave. The ink on their divorce papers is dry as dust and still, he won't budge.

How is she going to get rid of David?

What happens if Mary Eileen decides the last resort might be her best option?

Will her next lover be any better? And what if he isn't? The basement under the Coffee Shoppe could get mighty crowded.

Welcome to St. Isidore. I just know you are going to feel right at home.

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